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Do you even care about us?

Y'know, as a consumer of Popular media and Science Fiction/Fantasy, I've been feeling miserable these past several months. Here, let's me count the ways that I, as a Person of Color, have been made to feel invisible:
  • I've been told, however indirectly, by well-known and respected Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors and editors that it's okay if I was written as if I'm white because, hey! The authors are trying their best! They just don't want me feel as if I'm Other-ed, that's all!
  • And if I was to ever dare publicly criticize them for writing me as white or for making use of my culture inappropriately, unnecessarily or disrespectfully, I'm obviously too emotional to analyze the texts academically.
  • And if I was to continue to voice my displeasure, then I'm not smart enough to understand the issue and being abusive.
  • And if I was to still not drop the issue and dare to criticize these arguments as being racist, then I am nothing.
  • I'm even worse than nothing if I was using a pseudonym while voicing these criticism, because I'm a coward who can not stand by her real name or someone with a hidden agenda, unwilling to reveal her real name for fear of the consequences.
  • And that if my real name is ever known, I would be made unwelcome in both the Sci-Fi/Fantasy fandom and industry.
  • In fact, if my real name is ever known, every measure will be taken to reveal and connect my real name with my pseudonym.
I've also been told, however indirectly, by well-known and respected actors, producers and directors:
  • That it's okay if the culture, the philosophy, landscape and clothings of my race is claimed by Caucasians as long as the universe in which this takes place is fantasy-based, "multi-ethnic" and not authentic at all!
  • Addendum: That it's okay for characters of colour to be played by Caucasians because again, it's a fantasy universe and whom to say these characters are of my race?
  • That it's okay if my race will be portraying a nation who has been characterized as power-hungry and who has committed genocide on another nation, one that has been characterized as peaceful and loving and that will be portrayed by Caucasians.
  • Or that it's okay if my race will be portraying a nation so powerful that it became corrupted, mind-controlling and silencing dissenters, and whose plot will be uncovered by our heroes, (3/4) portrayed by Caucasians.
  • And look, it will be okay, because it's not like Caucasians can't be passed as Asians. They just need to get a tan!
  • And it's not like there will not be any Asians, not villainous nor corrupted, represented. They will just be in the background! Or hey -- sidekicks. Everyone loves sidekicks.
So, thank you.

Thank you, Elizabeth Bear (matociquala), Sarah Monette (truepenny), Emma Bull (coffeeem), Patrick Neilson Hayden (pnh), Teresa Neilson Hayden (tnh), Will Shetterly (willshetterly), Kathryn Cramer (kathrync), Macallister Stone (mac_stone), Lisa Spangenberg (medievalist) and Raven Daegmorgan (greyorm). Thank you, Sci-Fi/Fantasy fandom.

Thank you, Paramount Pictures, Sam Mercer, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Deedee Rickets, M. Night Shyamalan and Jackson Rathbone. Thank you, Hollywood.


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